Atlas is a library that can be used to store (dynamic) graphs and query them for shortest paths. It replaces GURP and adds many functions compared to GURP, see the documentation and introduction for more information.

Changes in version 1.3:

  • fixed bug for freeVertexNr when loading graph
  • edges now have a userDef pointer too
  • GetEdgeValue is now called GetEdgeConfiguration
  • SetEdgeValue is now called SetEdgeConfiguration
  • added GetDimension function
  • retrieval of successors and predecessors seperately
  • by adding edges to the graph two couple of suc. and pred. are now added
  • if edge does not exists, but is requested, atlas will now return error NO_SUCH_EDGE
  • added A*
  • added edge invalidation

    Short introduction and example
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    Atlas documentation
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    Atlas download
    Version 1.3 109 kB

    Atlas download
    Version 1.2 84 kB
    Version 1.1 119 kB

  • Latest changes and additions

    (22-09-2015): Callisto 5.2 released

    (14-09-2014): Callisto 5.0 released

    (04-01-2010): Callisto 4.00b released

    (07-08-2009): Created new website

    (05-04-2007): Thesis added

    (29-03-2007): Callisto 3.05 released

    (27-10-2006): WAFR publication added

    (30-05-2006): ICRA publication added

    (23-11-2005): Callisto 2.20 released

    (23-06-2005): Callisto 2.11 released

    (17-05-2005): IROS Publications added

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