Release notes for version 5.2

- added functions CAL_CreateCylinderFromTo and CAL_CreateConeFromTo
- removed preMatrix in Object and Group
- now uses Ogre version 1.9
- switched to Octree scene manager in Ogre
- culling mode to default (was CULL_NONE) because with transparent objects strange artifacts appeared
- removed flashlight and sunlight, now we only have diffuse light from all directions and the option to show/hide shadows (this works independent of the distances)
- major change of how render loop works, GUI is now leading in render updates, this makes GUI more responsive even when heavy scene is rendered
- added CAL_SetCameraState function
- color change of label now also changes color of label line
- fixed bug with label not respecting global visibility setting
- new option to enable/disable scaling inheritance
- new GUI for options pane
- added fixedSize for labels
- improved/simplified GUI update system when group changes

Release notes for version 5.0

Many changes and bug fixes. Some major changes include:
- Position, orientation and scaling are now set by separate functions.
- Support for point clouds added.

Release notes for version 4.x

Too much has changed to list here. Major parts of the core of Callisto have been re-written. The most important changes are the replacement of Maverik by Ogre and the new GUI. The interface has also changed and some functions have been removed/added. The highlights are:
- introduction of labels by means of: CAL_CreateLabel, CAL_SetLabelCaption, CAL_SetLabelColor and CAL_DestroyLabel
- this means that the old definition of "label" (e.g. a name for an object/group) is now called "name"
- introduction of overlays to show user defined information on a fixed position on screen
- CAL_SetObjectColor, CAL_SetObjectTexture, CAL_SetGroupColor and CAL_SetGroupTexture now have a receive shadows option.
- added CAL_SetObjectCastShadows and CAL_SetGroupCastShadows functions
- CAL_Initialization now only has two options: one to enable/disable GUI and one to enable logging
- no default view is shown anymore, views can be added by using CAL_ShowView
- CAL_CreateTriangles now has a texCoordinates option
- CAL_SetViewParams -> the up vector is replaced by a single "roll" parameter
- CAL_AddGroupKeystate -> no longer has option to set color
- CAL_AddObjectKeystate -> no longer has option to set color
- CAL_SetObjectTexture now has alpha option
- CAL_SetKeypressCallback now has a viewID parameter to make the callback view dependent
- CAL_SetObjectSelectCallback now has a viewID parameter but it has no longer has userdef pointer
- CAL_CreatePolygon and CAL_CreatePolygonGroup have been removed (use CAL_CreateTriangles instead)
- CAL_SetObjectActiveSurface is replaced by CAL_SetObjectActiveMaterial, the same goes for the group version

Release notes for version 3.05

- fixed bug for CAL_SetObjectClearance
- fixed bug for visibility, now set by an integer in CAL_CreateGroup
- fixed bug concerning taking screenshot/recording animation of non-visible view
- compiled with Visual Studio .NET 2005
- fixed bug relating changing group collision capability
- added collision check statistics
- further improved collision check statistics
- added CAL_SetGroupLabel to add/change label
- statistics for Closest Pairs and Penetration Depth added
- added export statistics to comma delimited file function
- added time to user drawn callback function
- fixed collision check bug related to cloneGroupRecursive
- fixed bug with setGroupClearance

Release notes for version 2.20

- added CAL_SetTextureFromMem function
- changed palette type of polyline to genuine MAV_COLOUR
- if navigation locked then reserved key pressed also can callback
- backface culling setting now also saved in registry
- SCALGroup now also contains label
- fixed bug concerning maximum number of colours (as used by polyline)
- added visible option to DTD for groups

Release notes for version 2.11

- visibility of groups can now be set during animations
- fixed issue with Solid causing false negatives in collision checks of small objects
- Added a user defined data pointer to the select callback mechanism
- moved documentation of keystates to Animation group
- added the CAL_SaveScene function
- added CAL_INVALID_EXTENSION error message in LoadScene and SaveScene
- added flag that states that the control stack is in the callback function (no suspend waiting)
- fixed wrong check for group existence in interface
- moved documentation of keystates to Animation group

Release notes for version 2.10

- added CAL_LOCKNAVIGATION to view options
- fixed small bug with textures for elevation grid
- fixed polyline VRML export bug
- loop animation setting and bounce animation setting in interface now saved in registry
- optimized code for SetTime and AddKeystates functions
- added texture tiling for elevation grid
- new lighting model
- new icon
- level of detail fades slower
- user drawn object added, only in Maverik, not in Solid
- CAL_SetGroupVisibility now checks for validity of viewID
- SOLID now statically linked (no separate DLL anymore)

Release notes for version 2.00

- fixed bug with closest pairs, when using non-collision capable groups
- added two more options to CAL_CloneGroupRecursive: cloneObjs and keepColCap
- added dialog for creating animations
- fixed bug when moving an object from a non-visible group to a visible group
- changed names of tabs
- added popup menu item to change active surface
- fixed SetActiveSurface bug (not setting subgroups now works)
- added load button to toolbar
- animation buttons are now gray if not applicable
- dynamic groups now appear red in interface
- fixed navigation bug when looking straight down
- interface bug fixed
- elevation grid toegevoegd
- files can now be dropped in a group
- fixed some minor animation interface bugs
- VRML export bug fixed, sometimes no start animation button was available
- minimize to tray added
- interface can now be started minimized
- polylines now can have color and multiple surfaces
- replaced CAL_Set{Group,Object}ObjectCyclic by CAL_Set{Group,Object}MotionOptions
- added option to switch motion interpolation on/off
- fixed bug: CAL_EmptyGroup now also deletes keystates associated to the group
- CAL_EmptyGroup now has a switch for subgroups
- group tree interface can now also be turned off
- changed internal timing for animation in interface
- objects are only updated in SOLID when necessary (up to 25% faster!!)
- object world matrix is cached
- rewritten width/height settings in interface
- fixed small closing bug (thread hanging)
- added callback option for keypresses (CAL_KeypressCallback)
- CAL_PolygonGroup can now exist of 0 polygons
- fixed small issue when importing VRML polygonGroups
- added support for PNG textures
- textures are internally resized, no restrictions on dimensions any more
- fixed bug with caching of changed objects in Solid
- GUI animation thread improved

Release notes for version 1.63

- fixed bug when including non-existing file in XML
- fixed texture import bug for VRML files
- fixed bug with setGroupCollisionCapability
- added recursive option to setGroupVisibility and setGroupCollisionCapability
- added flatten option to XML import
- added statusbar to interface
- setGroupVisibility now suspends visualisation
- fixed bug with navigation along y-axis CTRL+RMouse button
- increased MAV_MAX_MATERIALS to 500000
- changed interface (added toolbar and animation section)
- improved animation options
- improved about screen
- created toolbar for animation control
- screenshot now only captures client area

Release notes for version 1.5

- orientation and scaling are now preserved when adding keystate and not providing them
- added VRML export
- added functions to get the nr of childGroups and objects and to get their ID's
- added texture output VRML
- added polygonGroup and polyline for XML file format
- added support for reading gZipped .wrl files
- added XML export
- fixed window positioning bug when closing Callisto when GUI is minimized
- added trackball navigation
- added background to VRML export
- added camera navigation
- added pos and scale to XML format for polygons and triangles
- added setting of viewpoint from XML
- added export of viewpoint to XML/VRML
- added camera motion and export to XML/VRML
- added textures to polygongroup (only for VRML import)
- now all objects can have pos/quat/scale in XML
- added checkbox for headlight
- improved VRML import
- added CAL_MoveGroup
- groups now can be dragged to other groups in the interface
- fixed bug with frame not ready when doing screenCapture
- compiled with .NET 2003
- added automatic suspend when moving or emptying group

Release notes for version 1.41

- added check when XML file has no/wrong DTD
- fixed small bug when loading VRML scenes
- created "fancy" grid
- added compass navigation -> removed old axes
- viewpoint axes now only visible when moving them
- added animation capabilities
- preceded all return constants witl CAL_
- added "Show scene" button
- added zoom to object function (point and press "z" button)
- include in XML now re-uses current directory setting
- changed CAL_SetGroup/ObjectTranslation to CAL_SetGroup/ObjectPosition
- added possibility to create group collapsed
- changed CAL_DefineGroup to CAL_CreateGroup
- changed the XML file format a little, to make it more straightforward
- fixed bugs in dynamic scenes
- fixed more bugs in dynamic scenes
- changed right mouse button behaviour a little
- removed callistoAdvanced.h, all is now contained in callisto.h
- fixed bug with existing colors when loading a vrml scene
- fixed bug by error line number in XML parser
- added functions to create dynamic groups and objects from code
- fixed bug with loading textures
- CAL_AddKeyState now can be used with a quaternion
- improved transparency

Release notes for version 1.3

- added orthogonal projections
- GUI now also respects suspend visualisation
- TAB now only works when view is active
- every view has its own "TAB" settings
- fixed bug in GUI when empty-ing a selected group
- moved view settings to new dialog
- added eye point and framerate option in Maverik screen
- added option to enable/disable GUI
- added grid
- removed CAL_SetAxesVisible
- added CAL_SetViewOptions
- viewpoint axis is now removed if in alternative navigation mode
- fixed GUI grid checkbox problem
- fixed bug when cloning to same group as source
- activated new render loop so that only frames are rendered when necessary
- cloning now also copies translation/orientation/scaling from group
- added gentle start of motion in alternative mode
- fixed small bug when using SetViewParams on non-visible view
- added new CyberX3D module, parsing of VRML is now *much* faster
- added "drop" function for scenes
- added popup menu for groups

Release notes for version 1.2

- workaround added for SOLID for closest pairs and penetration depth
- implemented multiple surfaces per object
- created completely new group tree-list, much faster
- added better (faster) object counter for groups
- experimented with raycasts to select objects with the mouse
- added include statement to XML file format
- added raycast to select objects with mouse
- added background color to DTD
- improved licht model, added shininess
- bugfixes clone and tree-list
- changed tree-list (again)
- fixed bug (wrong optimalization in project options)
- after adding view, selection in interface is preserved
- double click on group now switches group on/off
- added alternative navigation using TAB key
- bug fix, treeListCtrl now decides if group is in interface
- added fog to Maverik and changed clipping distance
- added thread locks for GUI and Maverik
- fixed bugs for runs without visualisation
- fixed bug for too large surface id
- added new interface elements (fog, clipping, navigation)

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